Multi-Award Winning Fine Art Photographer

Great news!!!

 Got a giant space with a great amount of natural light for my photo studio.The place is in very center of Cologne (few minutes by walk from the Dom). The place contains a lot of furniture to be used for my compositions. Welcome everyone to make artistic portraits, fashion portraits and of course artistic nudes.

Multi-Award winning Fine Art Photographer
Multi-Award winning Fine Art Photographer

Hi, my name is Rodislav Driben and I am glad to see you on my website.
Photography is currently my greatest passion. I started as a travel photographer, but in 2016 I switched to create mostly in Fine Art Nudes genre. My style is strongly influenced by paintings belonging to Rennasisance, Dutch Masters, NeoClassicism, Romanticism, Academism, Symbolism, Expressionism and I aim to make even a stronger bridge between Fine Art and Photography. My images emphasise noble and artistic side of nudity rather than erotic. Mastering artistic use of body plasticity language and the magic of colour tonalities I manage to visualise in great manner plethora of themes such as nobility, sensuality, freedom, joy, sadness, melancholy etc. A journey into the aesthetics of body is in my view inseparable from the journey into the aesthetics of a soul.
My images were highly appreciated by broad audience and I became very victorious in prestigious International annual competitions.


Just launched a Kickstarter Project to publish a book with my best works. Will be very thankful for your support! Also the rewards prepared for supporters are excellent.

List of medals in prestigious International annual competitions: 

* International Color Awards 13 (2020). Photographer of the Year 1st Place (Amateurs) — Outstanding Achievement (Grand Prix) and Winner in Nudes (Amateurs). 

*Fine Art Photography Awards 6 (2020) Nudes 1st place winner (Amateurs) 

*Moscow International Foto Awards (2020) (MIFA) 1st place in Nudes (sub-category) of Fine Art category.  3rd place in Nudes (sub-category) of Fine Art category. 2nd place in Fine Art category. 

*PhotoShoot Awards (2020). Joint for Amateurs and Professionals. 1st Place in Academic Nudes section, 2nd place in Conceptual Studio section, 2nd place in Emotion section. 

*35Awards (2019). Joint for Amateurs and Professionals.1st Place Winner in Nudes (series); 2nd place Winner in Nudes (single images). 1st Place. Best Photographer in Nudes. 

*Art Limited Awards (2019). Joint for Amateurs and Professionals. 3rd place in Nudes (Amateurs). 

*Fine Art Photography Awards 5. (2019) Nudes 3rd place winner (Amateurs) 

*PX3 (2018). 2nd places in Nudes (Non-professionals) 

*Fine Art Photography Awards 4 (2018) Nudes 3rd place winner (Amateurs) 

*35Awards (2017). Joint for Amateurs and Professionals. 1st place. Best Photographer in Nudes. 

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Телефон/WhatsApp: +4917626087854